Iowa City Scratch Cookery

In-Home Cooking Lessons From An Expert


About the chef

My name is Thomas McCoy and I am a local culinary professional with 13 years of experience cooking in eastern Iowa restaurants. I am a certified food protection manager with the National Restaurant Association and have backgrounds in New American, French, Italian, and Rustic Cuisines. In 2006, I moved to Iowa City and it was here where I first discovered the local, from scratch restaurant community. I have worked as a chef and a kitchen manager, catered local business events, and participated in Top Chef Iowa City. These experiences have taught me how to cook with the seasons using fresh, local ingredients and how to teach others the techniques of cooking.

I met my wife shortly after moving to Iowa City and we live on the East side of town with our four children. After the birth of our third child, I left the professional kitchen to manage my family's kitchen full time. For the past few years, I have been working on deconstructing the family meal; how to save money and please the picky eater. I am passionate about family, cooking, and contributing to our great community. As a parent, I believe in the importance of providing nutritious, whole foods as a strong base for your family's health. Cooking meals at home, from scratch, is an easy way to improve the quality of your diet and it is a great activity to share with the ones you love. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can learn how to cook your favorite foods from scratch.