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Family Meal #3

This last Saturday, I decided to make braised pork shoulder sandwiches for our family meal. Something really easy that I could do in advance and not have to stress over right before dinner time. Here is basically what I did:

1. Sear the shoulder and assemble mise en place.

2. Sweat aromatics until softened and slightly caramelized; deglaze with cider. Once all the delicious bits have been released, return pork to pot and pour in chicken stock, lime juice/zest, and the remaining cider.

Bring to a slow simmer; cover with parchment circle and let cook for 2 to 3 hours on a back burner.

Remove pork and let cool. Strain cooking jus and skim off fat; reduce to concentrate flavor. Meanwhile, separate out large pieces of fat from pork and shred meat with two forks.

Adjust seasoning of pork jus and mix into shredded meat. I served mine on toasted potato rolls, but this pork would work well in tortillas, savory crepes, or even a rice dish.