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Family Meal #4

Tomato, Chicken, and White Bean Soup with Wild Yeast Bread

During the winter, I make a weekly soup for my family to enjoy. Wild yeast bread, or pain au levain, has been an obsession of mine for more than a year. So much of an obsession that I'm considering offering a lesson on the subject. I just need to figure out how to cover a three day process in a short two hours.

This soup is adapted from a recipe I made for Top Chef Iowa City 2014 when I was representing Nodo Downtown. The original recipe was a chorizo, chicken, white bean, and tomato that I garnished with cilantro and queso fresco. Great Soup, but it was a chore to tell all 300 people in attendance the name. This recipe is a perfect example of where I was at in my career. Being my first chef position where I had some creative control, I was really focused on being unique and riffing on classic combinations. I learned the hard way, that customers bought the classic soups/baked goods I made, and passed on my more "high concept" creations. Since then, I have focused my time on learning classic recipes/techniques and cooking with the seasons.

Back to 2016, the soup I made this week is a stripped-down, "kid-friendly" version. Here are all the ingredients I used:

Note: once the chicken is roasted and a stock is made, this recipe takes less than an hour to throw together.

Below is a run-down of the steps involved:

Meanwhile, this was going on (I'll do a more detailed post in the future):