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Single Lesson, or Private Chef Services:

The cost of ingredients + $30/Hour

How It Works

Each client will receive a free consultation from the chef to discuss the menu for the lesson. A time will be scheduled for the chef to come to the client's home and teach the private lesson. A working stove/oven is all that is required of the client; the chef will bring all the required tools and equipment. The chef will walk you through the preparation and execution of the meal. The chef will clean up and leave you with printed recipes from the lesson.

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Basic Dinner Lesson

The chef will walk you through a basic, from scratch dinner preparation. You and the chef create a menu, the chef brings everything, and shows you how to plan and execute a simple meal.

Course Package

The chef and client will plan a series of menus focused on simple meals the client can easily recreate. The chef will arrive each time with the ingredients to prepare one of the meals and walk you through the preparation and execution. Once you have 3 or 4 meals that you can always rely on, cooking from scratch is much less intimidating.

Private Chef Services

Hire the chef to cook for you and your family. You and the chef plan a meal; the chef brings everything, cooks the meal, and cleans up while you and your loved ones dine. [Same rate as a single lesson]

Wanting to host a dinner party, but hate not being able to be with your guests? Hire the chef to cook while you host. [Same rate as a single lesson]

romantic Dinner

Hire the chef to come over and cook you and your significant other an elegant 3-course meal. {Same cost as a single lesson}

Restaurant Consultation

Hire the chef to troubleshoot a recipe or create a menu for your restaurant. Flat rate of $30/Hour for chef services